68% of all teens note ‘fear of parents finding out’ as #1 reason they don’t use birth control. Ironically, 68% of parents hope their teen would talk to them about using birth control when deciding to become sexually active.

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Talk to a Parent/Trusted Adult

Use Condoms to Prevent STIs & Pregnancy

Practice Your Resistance Skills Out Loud

Most Common STI Symptom is NO SYMPTOM

Know Your Personal Limits

Only Way to Know if You’re Infected? Get Tested!

Why Sex Education Is Important

Ok, no one is denying that it is often times really awkward to ask adults; especially of the parent-kind, questions about sex and your body! However, it is vitally important for teens to get accurate sex ed information so that you don’t end up with an unplanned pregnancy or STI like Chlamydia, Herpes, Gonorrhea or HIV/AIDS. DO NOT believe everything you read or hear from your friends or see on TV or Google. Sex education is important enough to invest time and effort in these discussions.

Be brave enough to take the plunge into that vast pool of icy cold water known as “the talk” with your parents, guardian or trusted adult. After all, in survey after survey teens (that’s YOU!) say parents most influence your decisions about sex! Besides, if you have ever jumped in to a pool of icy cold water, you know it isn’t so bad once you get used to it.

Talking to your parents about sex, relationships and your body actually has been proven to

  • delay sexual activity
  • reduce the number of your sexual partners
  • increase the likelihood that you will use contraception more consistently

If those reasons aren’t motivation enough to get you (and your parent or trusted adult) to take the plunge then consider some tips and ease on in to the shallow end and at least get your toes wet.