Teen Truths

Poetry From the Heart; No Rhyme but Reason

Youth Voice thru the Spoken Word This summer Garfield County PREP teens were given the opportunity to create original drug PSA’s with the intention of presenting at a youth open mic night in a local community. Some of the teens chose to create videos to deliver their drug prevention message. Josefina Venegas of Rifle, CO […]

GarCo PREP Interns Deliver Drug PSA’s

Sense of Belonging Trumps Being Bullied

Finding a place to fit in and have a sense of belonging means being accepted despite your flaws or idiosyncrasies. When someone has had to go through life with their defenses up to ward off bullies, it may require a few extra ‘takes’ for people to connect the dots and come to understand who you […]

Love. A Youth Perspective

What does it take for a student to succeed? Is it enough to be smart? To have educated, involved parents? Does it require involvement in enrichment or athletic opportunities? Is it defined by the number of friends you have; for real and virtually? From a high level, research-based perspective, the Search Institute developed a framework […]

Creative Freedom

What Is Beauty?

PREP recently sponsored a film project for youth to create a short video of their own making using their own voice. A public showing was held at the Launchpad in Carbondale, CO where the audience members were moved; some to tears, by the messages they heard from these young people. One of the young videographers […]