Teen Truths

Mental Health Policy

The Capitol Building A place of power. Of change. Of possibilities. It’s right where I want to be making mental health policy. Integrated Mental Health Crisis Training Back in September I was introduced to Dylan Roberts, the state-representative for Eagle County. He and I sat down for coffee, and I asked him about making a […]

Support Yourself & Make Good Decisions

Teen Mental Health Go look up mental health memes that help you support yourself. Just do it. Now look up sexual health memes. They’re both pretty fantastic, because memes are honestly one of the best things that have ever graced this earth. Now before you get totally lost scrolling to support yourself through these memes […]


One of the many things that confuse me about my generation is the way we view people’s sexual lives/sexuality. It’s crazy how we’re so quick to label peers for something that’s personal to every human out there. And as confusing as it is, I’m going to open up about my purity. When I was 12, […]

Project We Care Colorado

Teen Suicide Teen suicide is one of the most preventable causes of death (SpeakUp ReachOut), and yet, suicide is now the leading cause of death in teens in Colorado. It’s messed up. We shouldn’t be spending our teenage years thinking about death. Something needs to be done. I’ve seen mental illness completely destroy my friend’s […]

Saphira Klearman

Introducing Teen Author Saphira Klearman

My name is Saphira Klearman, and I’m currently a sophomore at Battle Mountain High School. I’m an award-winning student journalist with a passion for change. I’m a feminist, and I like angsty punk music. I run a statewide mental health organization, write weird poetry, and am graduating high school a year early. Remember that you’re […]

Maria Isela Ventura

Introducing Teen Author, Isela Ventura

To me, Isela Ventura, happiness is key. My heart has decided for itself that writing is what makes me happy. Set that aside, and you’ll find out that educating satisfies my soul. So here I am. I want to grow through PREP and I would like for my readers to do the same along my […]