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Believe it or not the World Wide Web has a snare of misinformation that can not only perpetuate erroneous information but could possibly be traumatizing – for kids AND adults! Contact PREP when you have questions, want answers, need help in locating resources, or are interested in hosting or attending an adult or staff workshop. You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.

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Garfield County PREP understands how overwhelming, awkward, embarrassing, scary, insert-your-own adjective here, talking to your kids (or your parents) can be about sexual and relationship health!

Smiley Face Clip ArtThe fear of the unknown questions that might pop up!

Smiley Face Clip ArtThe realization that you don’t have all the answers; nor should you be expected to!

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The realization you have a lot of questions and don’t know who to believe or trust!

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The memories of your own awkward passage into adulthood!

Smiley Face Clip ArtThoughts of your parents dddooing ! Heck, we can’t even say it! How can we talk about it!?

If you have had any of these reactions to conversing with your kids (or your parents) about all things sex, PREP can help! From medically accurate, age-appropriate lessons in school settings, adult and parent workshops and positive youth development efforts, PREP also offers local and online resources that are reputable and factual.