La TriColor Spanish Radio Health Fairs

Garfield County PREP is proud to have collaborated with La TriColor Spanish Radio from the beginning of their women’s and family health fairs. La TriColor Aspen produces shows nationally but broadcasts locally. They provide a diverse range of music, information and entertainment between their hi-fi stereo broadcasts and their Facebook page. Outside the radio station, La TriColor sponsors health fairs with Spanish speaking resources from throughout the Roaring Fork Valley in an effort to ensure our local Hispanic community members are able to access services and work towards better health.

Throughout the health fairs, La TriColor interviews representatives who explain how they work in the community and what resources they offer in addition to what they have brought to the health fair. PREP is able to use this as an opportunity to let our Spanish-speaking, teen-aged interns share the values of having comprehensive sexuality education in the schools. They give teen perspective to the importance of having conversations between trusted adults, parents or caregivers and teens in order to prevent unplanned teen pregnancy and STD’s while navigating the rocky road of having healthy relationships.

PREP understands that gathering information about birth control methods, STDs and proper condom use in a public space is NOT the most comfortable scenario for most people! So, we put Spanish resource materials, condoms, candy, stickers, magnets and the like in to discrete bags for them to take with them and read in the privacy of their own homes. Thanks to the brainchild of one of our Hispanic interns, we tell the very young who spy the candy through the bags, to take them to their parents and ask the parent to give them the candy and keep the rest for themselves!

Our interns also speak to the adult listening audience by recording interviews and educational messages at the station. PREP appreciates the support of the radio station staff and the opportunity to connect with our Hispanic neighbors.

Would you like a guest speaker for an event, staff training or parent workshop? Perhaps you would benefit from some teen helpers in an event you are planning. Garfield County PREP is here to Educate, Empower and Support you in your efforts. Contact Arn Menconi 970-319-2182 or to discuss further.

La TriColor
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