Habitat for Humanity

“We are not JUST building homes. We are looking to help improve the entire community.”

PREP is not JUST building teen pregnancy prevention awareness. We are also working to improve the entire community by showcasing youth as untapped resources. Being able to put teens to work on a home construction site not only teaches them life skills but it introduces them to the professionals who build and the families who will reside in the houses they are helping to construct.

Some tasks don’t require much more than a willingness to help, such as assisting with their float for the annual Strawberry Days parade. Then there are workdays where teens challenge themselves to leave their comfort zones and try new things. They show they can learn quickly and deliver quality, detailed work. With some bolstering of their confidence by Habitat staff, they graduate to power tools and ascending to great heights in a forklift bucket.

At the end of the day, youth leave the worksite pumped up with newfound belief in their own ability to succeed. They see the benefits; to themselves and others, that learning some basic skills can offer for the rest of their lives. They build relationships with adults crossing all lines of diversity and bring people to a better understanding of each other’s worth in their shared world. By showing up and accepting the challenges put before them, our local teens can help to improve the entire community.

Would you like a guest speaker for an event, staff training or parent workshop? Perhaps you would benefit from some teen helpers in an event you are planning. Garfield County PREP is here to Educate, Empower and Support you in your efforts. Contact Arn Menconi 970-319-2182 or garfieldcountyprep@gmail.com to discuss further.