Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program

Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program

  • Have you ever met a teen who didn’t have an opinion about the issues affecting teens?
  • Have you experienced difficulty in getting your teen to open up about those issues?
  • Do you wish your teen could hear from teens who have different opinions than them so they can see than perhaps not ‘everyone’ is doing this, that or the other?
  • Would you like to engage teens in your efforts to provide a healthy and safe place for them to grow up, thrive and maybe even stick around to give back to the community that embraced them with warmth and support even through their darkest days?

Talking about sexOver the years, teens with Garfield County PREP have come together to discuss teen relevant topics such as self harming and suicide prevention in hopes of helping each other, parents and themselves live happier, healthier lives in a community that is supportive and non-judgmental.

Here in the Roaring Fork Valley on the Western Slope of Colorado, we have a place where you can listen to teens expressing their opinions while hearing from others who have different lived experiences, values and beliefs.

They are educated by local experts while at the same time are being supported for their individuality by programs like the Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program on KDNK.

When hot topics such as vaping come on scene, it’s important to get a youth viewpoint in order to determine what prevention efforts will or won’t work and what intervention efforts are available or lacking in our communities. Having youth express to their peers the importance of choosing their friends wisely is a strong message in the battle against addiction and other less than healthy teen choices that parents don’t always have the same success with.

Teens CAN Make Healthy DecisionsTeen health and well-being is a topic that impacts everyone in a community. Talking to or with teens is not always as easy as we would like. Allowing this platform for teen voice not only serves the needs of the youth involved, but it also provides a launch point for those trusted adult conversations with the teens we so deeply want to protect and support and broadens everyone’s understanding of the stresses effecting our teens today.

Would you like a guest speaker for an event, staff training or parent workshop? Perhaps you would benefit from some teen helpers in an event you are planning. Garfield County PREP is here to Educate, Empower and Support you in your efforts. Contact Arn Menconi 970-319-2182 or to discuss further.