Trauma and PTSD in Teens

Thanks to Doug Briscoe of Mentally Fit for emailing Garfield County PREP and providing this list of valuable resources, articles and information about trauma and PTSD in teens and veterans. Additionally, you will find information on identifying symptoms, understanding triggers and finding alternative ideas for coping and treatment.

From Doug:

mentally fitI appreciate all of the effort you’ve put in to making your site an authority on PTSD, and perhaps more important than that, a place people can turn to when they’re looking for some anonymous support. On that note, below is some additional information that you’re welcome to add to your site – I hope it will offer some hope and guidance to people living with this mental health disorder.

PTSD And Complex PTSD: What Happens When You’ve Lived In A Psychological War Zone
Anyone suffering any degree of PTSD should reach out for support, but those with complex PTSD should seek help immediately; as its name implies, its sufferers shouldn’t try to manage it on their own.

The Veteran’s Guide to Creating a Peaceful At-Home Atmosphere After Returning Home
Combat veterans are often at risk of PTSD triggers, and this guide discusses how to make your home atmosphere comforting after returning home.

Trauma and PTSD in Teens: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

This is a very comprehensive look at the signs and symptoms of PTSD in teenagers, and it offers ideas for helping children cope with this illness.

Recognizing PTSD Triggers    ptsd

It’s critical to understand what our (or our loved one’s) triggers are in order to effectively cope with PTSD.

Workplace Mental Health – Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
This is a very helpful tool for employers working with someone who is suffering some form of PTSD.

12 Surprising Remedies for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
I don’t personally believe that you should rely solely on homeopathic methods to treat PTSD, but I do think they can be an effective tool in managing its symptoms.

Resources for Veterans and Their Families: National and Local Programs for Health, Housing and Financial Help

Medicare is a great financial resource for senior citizen and disabled veterans who are experiencing PTSD, and it can help cover the costs of its mental health treatment.

As someone who has struggled with this illness for years, thanks again for everything you’re doing to give people with PTSD a place to turn. I hope this new information offers a light in the darkness for them!

My best,

Doug Briscoe

Thanks to Doug and all the caring people out there who have empathy and a desire to make a positive difference in this world.

Garfield County PREP interns have had instruction on Trauma Releasing Exercises for Stress and Anxiety Relief for the past two summers, and we’re expecting round three this summer! The youth have expressed how easily adaptable this practice is to add to their daily lives.

trauma releasing exercises