The Wonder of the Compliment

Knowing that teaching sexuality education comes with its own inherent ‘issues’ (unlike most all other subjects) teachers, in general, have a deep concern for how well they’re doing. They often wonder if they’rewoman worrying

teaching it correctly

saying the right things

saying the wrong things

getting through to students

giving all the right answers

creating a safe and inclusive environment

going to be faced with angry parents showing up out of nowhere

and so much more!

They review their outcomes and wonder


why some grade levels do better than others

why certain myths prevail over facts

if intentions will translate into behavioral changes

if students will find trusted adults to talk to

if students will face dating violence

which students aren’t being given a choice

and so much more!


Teachers care about the information but, even more so, they care about their students’ healthy navigation through the labyrinth oflabyrinth





                                         joys and


they will face as they develop in to adulthood.

burdenThere is an underlying pressure to succeed that teachers may not feel with other subjects largely, in part, because the consequences are much more serious potentially even life threatening. This is a huge burden that those who choose to teach sexuality education carry that often goes unnoticed; perhaps never even considered.


Sexuality health teachers often feel isolated in their teaching. They know that it’s an uncomfortable subject for many. Even their adult counterparts would rather avoid discussing, let alone deal with, the teaching aspect where the fear of the unknown anonymous questions that arise can be more than they could ever imagine handling. Peers may frequently say things like, ‘how do you do that?’ or ‘I could never do that!’ thus deepening the divide sexuality educators may feel when needing someone with which to share their experiences.


It is no wonder, then, that an honest, heartfelt compliment was received with such impact by its recipient. This teacher was so deeply moved that someone took the time to express gratitude for their determined efforts (something, they noted, their boss hadn’t even done) they integrated the giving of compliments in to their lesson. This teacher didn’t hoard the wonder of the compliment. They shared it! They cared enough about their students; perhaps your child, that they wanted their students to experience that same warm, fuzzy feeling.

surprise-giftSo as the cold of winter descends upon us and we enter into the ‘giving season’ of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza, don’t let those around you wonder if they’re appreciated or doing a good job.

Surprise them with the wonderment of receiving your compliment.

You just may be surprised at how wonderful you feel, too!