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A Teen’s Perspective On Today’s Issues

A Teen’s Perspective on Today’s Social Issues

Maria Esquivel is a current senior at Basalt High School who has chosen to interpret a teen’s perspective on social issues through art as her capstone project. She has created a series of political cartoons in various mediums inspired by a few of many problems in today’s society that have contributed to widespread debate.


Women's March Inspiration

Medium: Colored Pencil

This tessellation art titled “Unity” was inspired by recent women’s marches and their widespread message of unity amongst women of all backgrounds against injustices such as: healthcare rights, violence against women, gender wage gaps and underrepresentation.

It’s Everyone’s Problem

gun reform

Medium: Watercolor

“It’s Everyone’s Problem” is inspired by recent student-led gun reform efforts in response to mass shootings that have happened primarily in the United States. Though efforts are mostly student-led, it is clear that gun reform is something people from all backgrounds have to work to enact.

I See Myself

Female Representation

Medium: Pencil                                                                          (The characters represented in this art belong to their rightful creators. No profit was made for the creation and publication of this art.)

Today’s media has contributed greatly to the representation of women and the inspiration of young girls to follow in the footsteps of their female role models. Those role models are being seen more and more in traditionally male-dominated media and fields now. “I See Myself” is inspired by the strength and hope that female heroes have given to women who have been underrepresented.