Labeling Students by Maria Isela Ventura

In this generation, it’s not just easy to judge anymore. Yet, labeling students has become routine. We believe that because someone has a history or comes from a different culture that we will view certain things differently. In very few cases, it’s true. But not always.

Being a teenager in a high school, I can see how our differences separate us. We may not want to hang out with other students who have labels like bisexuals, athletes, nerds, gothic, or, in my case, Christian.

Labeling students


I get told by others; that don’t even share the same religion as me, that

I should dress a certain way.

I should pray a certain way.

I should speak a certain way.

I should live a certain way.


I never let it get to me, but at the end of the day, these things are stereotypical. And in some cases, labeling others should be considered rude.

A lot of comments do hurt. They can leave permanent damage; especially if they’re from the people closest to us, like our parents. Adults, please don’t label your child! Everyone has a different belief system, and we should all learn to respect and understand that.

Labels are not for people

I am Christian. I decide for myself daily who I want to be and how I want to live just like any other student out there should. But because of my religion, most people believe that I shouldn’t be allowed to have the job I have that helps teens avoid serious life changing decisions. I shouldn’t be allowed to inform others about sexual health as a preventative method to teen pregnancy and STI’s, because I shouldn’t even know this stuff.

open minded Christian

I am told constantly that my faith is not correct because of how open minded I am. It does get hard. So the question is, what should I do about it?  

Well, every day I realize that words can not define me. It should be my actions that speak for me. I want to help thousands of teenagers and accomplish what I want to do in this life. But first, I need to love myself and not let anyone tell me who I should be. I must first prove others wrong and show my classmates that a Christian can be so much more than just a label complete with steroetypes.

I am a Christian Latina that believes every teenager out there should have the key to information about sexual relationships.

Everyone has a different way of seeing things, and we need to learn to respect that. If we constantly try harder to be accepted, we just may never be accepted. But if we stop to love the way we are regardless of who cares and who doesn’t, then our differences become beautiful.

labels hurt

So, if you’re somebody out there that gets judged and labeled, understand that

it’s okay to prove people wrong and

show them who you really are.

Never get put down by words.

If you want to do something that seems unusual for the people around you, but you know you will benefit from it,

still go for it.


Never be ashamed of your true colors.

ReligionDefine Youtself





All these things are really important, but they don’t define you. Only you get the power to define who you really are. Who you are as a person in your community, in your job, in your school, or in your home, will be the same person you will come to love.