Life Changing Decisions

Life Changing Decisions

Hello, my name is Sami. 

This is my true teen pregnancy story about when I got pregnant.

I was 15 at the time. 

I had only been with the guy for about 2 months.

I didn’t really know anything about sex. 

I didn’t even bother and make sure to use a condom.

I want to share my story and the stories of others, because, like many other young women, we have to make a huge decision that will cause a huge change in our life.

I wrote this because I want people out there to know that there are many options and that there are people who know what they are going through. 

Birth Control Methods

  • Pill: a type of medicine that you take every day. Birth control pills contain hormones to prevent pregnancies by stopping you from ovulating.  The pill is affordable and 99% effective – IF you take it when you are supposed to.  The pill can also have additional health benefits.
  • Implant:  lasts up to 4 years. It’s a thin metal stick that goes under your arm. The implant can have side effects and contains hormones. It’s one of the most effective birth control methods: it’s more than 99% effective. There’s no way of making a mistake as long as you have it inserted and removed by a medical professional.  The implant can be pretty expensive, but you can qualify for help and might not even pay for anything.
  • IUD: a tiny device that is put into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. It is very efficient just like the implant and is available with and without hormones.  IUD’s can last for about 12 years. They are sometimes referred to as Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives or LARC’s.

The only Birth Control Method that helps protect from STD’s AND Pregnancy:

  • Condom: 98% effective when used properly. But, if they are not put on right or if you aren’t careful, they are only about 85% effective. Condoms are the only form of birth control that protects you and your partner from STD’S. They stop sperm from entering the vagina.  Condoms are inexpensive and easy to get. They are also easy to put on.
Birth Control Method's

Teva Women’s Health INC.


Abortion is an option when someone is terminating a pregnancy. It’s often performed during the first few weeks during a pregnancy. There are different methods of abortion; one is the pill which is more of a natural process. There are two kinds of surgical abortions which involve a quick operation. The first one is the vacuum aspiration that can be done only up to 15 weeks and the dilation and evacuation which can be done up to 15 – 24 weeks.

There are people that consider abortion as a horrible thing to do. However, 1 in 3 women will have an abortion during their lifetime. Even though abortions are common and legal, people don’t know how hard and difficult it is to make a decision like that. Chance is that afterward you may still be left with guilt, pain and having to deal with the judgment of everyone out there. No one goes up to you and offers you help. It is so hard to take care of and raise a baby. But having to be forced or guilt-tripped to have the baby can make things much more difficult. I have had friends that have told me about their experience, and I can see how much they struggled to make a decision.


Abortion Fact's


True Teen Pregnancy Stories

I ended up getting pregnant because the condom broke. I took 5 pregnancy test, but the only one said that I was pregnant. The other 4 said that I wasn’t. I ignored it and just thought that it was wrong because a few days later I started my period. I found out I was pregnant the day that I lost the baby. I had gone to the doctor because I was in a lot of pain. When I got to the doctor he told me that I was pregnant but that my body couldn’t support the pregnancy. The doctor gave me a pill to help me get the baby out, and for the next two hours, I was sitting on the toilet just waiting for the baby to come out. The doctor told me that if my body had been able to support the pregnancy that I would have died while giving birth because I wasn’t healthy enough. I look back at that and wish that I could have had my baby; to take care of it and hold it in my arms. But at the same time, I’m glad that it didn’t happen, because I wouldn’t have been able to watch it grow up.


abortion a woman's right to choose

I was only 15 when I got pregnant. The worst part was that it was conceived at a party. There were so much drinking and things I wasn’t supposed to be around. I was offered a drink by my boyfriend. I remember him telling me to go to the room. I was anxious but excited. Well, a month passes by and I start feeling weird. At first, I thought I was just getting sick. Some friend put the idea in my head of ‘I might be pregnant.’ So I bought a home pregnancy test which came out positive. I was afraid that sent a text to my boyfriend. When we met up I told him. His reaction was bad. He didn’t want it. He broke up with me. I was afraid and alone. A week went by before I decided to tell my mom. My mom was even worse. But she saw something in me, I guess, and, well, she decided to support me. Nine months later, I have a precious little boy. I got help from many people and even got child support from my ex. I was close to aborting him, but it wasn’t in me. I’m 17 now, and my boy is healthy and happy. So am I.

-Unknowntrue teen pregnancy stories

When I found out I was pregnant I didn’t even think twice about aborting. I saw that was my only option. My boyfriend and I were so young, we were not ready. I didn’t tell anyone about it. I got information from the internet in how to have a miscarriage by home remedies. I took one, and I wasn’t sure it was gonna work. Later that night, however, I was bleeding badly. I took care of it by myself. Till this day no one knows what I did, and I hope no one ever will. I’m glad I didn’t keep the baby because things went bad and with a baby, it would have been worse.


My Story

I had support from my family, but they still wanted me to have an abortion to make things “easier”. In a way I felt forced to do it, even my mom had set up an appointment at the doctors. My decision was made. I didn’t get to make the decision, and I know how it is to not have a voice.

I wanted to take responsibility but it didn’t happen.

One thing led to another, and, well, I had a miscarriage. I felt guilty and blamed myself for what happened. I believed I had caused the miscarriage myself for allowing my mom to make that call for me.  It was really hard for me, and, as you can see by all our personal stories, the choices made weren’t easy

By sharing some information and adding personal stories I hope that other young ladies know that they’re not alone. Many others have had to make hard life-changing decisions.

What PREP Has Meant To Me; A Teen’s Perspective on Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Pregnancy prevention can take a variety of directions when trying to reach teens. During the summertime in Garfield County Colorado teen interns are paid for their community engagement while volunteering at local events, festivals like Strawberry Days and with other non-profit agencies; some of which have very different missions than preventing teen pregnancy. Trail Removal

Taking the stance that intended prevention outcomes have more to do with relationship building than most anything else, we have attempted to connect youth with the trusted adults who are working to bring positive opportunities to their communities in a wide variety of ways.

ContemplatingJust because you work with teens, however, doesn’t mean you know exactly what they’re really thinking.

You may think your ideas are super creative, fun and offer potential for lighting sparks for future hobbies or careers.

You know they will build skills for self-reliance

You know teens will be introduced to agencies that you hope they will never need to access.

You hope to debunk the myth that ‘there’s nothing to do here.’

But how do you know it’s resonating in any way, shape or form?

Well, we asked our interns to jot down the reasons PREP should continue or what PREP has meant to them.

Keeping in mind that “PREP” is more than just what we do during the summers. It also includes the lessons they get through Draw The Line, Respect The Line in middle school grades 6 – 8 and the one year of Be Proud! Be Responsible! or Street Smart In high school. Here’s what our interns had to say:

Teen’s Perspective

Habitat for Humanity Volunteers


What PREP has meant to me is going out of my comfort zone + experiencing so many great things around the community! –Dani





Really fun and a learning experience.  Also trail building was fun. –Spencer

MGirls at Workeeting new people, learning about my community and it was a fun experience. –Liah

[PREP] Made it easier for me to talk about sex. –Maria

PREP has given me the support to make healthy decisions. PREP has helped me be involved in my community. –Cintia

Hanging out with fun little kids at Game On.  And learned about peers like me. –ColinBoys_at_Work

Helping out our community and educating them. It should continue because it’s a great organization that has educated many teens about an important subject. –Erik

PREP educates youth about topics some parents can’t/won’t give their child. It is important that we educate our community in the Roaring Fork Valley about safe sex and preventing unplanned pregnancies and STI’s PREP is the perfect company to educate the community. Not only does PREP educate on safe sex, but we’re also very immersed in other activities that benefit the Roaring Fork Valley.  –Chip

Mountain Fair Gyro Booth


PREP has given me an opportunity to share my thoughts on sexual health and show me how to make healthy decisions.

PREP has given me tools that will help me and my peers. –Nathaly




The impact PREP has had on me was bigger than I expected. I learned so much throughout this program. I not only learned how to prevent things and talk to adults about consent and such, but I learned ways to get involved. I met so many people and had so much fun and hope to do it again. It was a great experience and I hope it grows and expands throughout the years to get more people involved. Thanks to all the people along the way and for all the events organized. -Liz

Community Engagement Volunteering RFOV

Prep has changed my way of thinking in many ways. For example I’m more open to talking about sex with adults and or other teenagers. Before Prep I feel like I tried to avoid these topics. I’m definitely less ignorant, and stopped saying “this is irrelevant, this won’t happen to me”. It’s not all about sex though, its taught me just to be more open minded in general. it provides more information and support than what you get at school. I love all the volunteering we do especially during the summer. We get to meet new people, and just make different friends. Without prep I wouldn’t even be aware these events are going on, because teens don’t really participate in these sorts of things. But as a group we have fun and enjoy going out to these different activities. I’m thankful we get to make new memories and have fun! Teenagers need to understand that to have fun we don’t have to include alcohol, drugs, sex, the law. Prep should continue because it does a great job supporting teens through rough times, providing the public with useful information, helping adults who need volunteers, giving teens something healthy to do, etc. In general Prep is just an awesome program! -Erica

Habitat for Humanity

We have learned that if you give teens space and time to be themselves; as annoying as that can sometimes be, when they’re done acting goofy, they really have meaningful things to say. They have feelings that are deep, influenced by their experiences and relevant to the lives they are navigating. This group of teens did not disappoint. Please, hear their messages and recognize the importance of having this kind of education and experience in their formative and sometimes impulsive years. We here at Garfield County PREP are humbled and grateful for their contributions.

Healthy Decisions 

Teens Make Healthy Decisions Personal Responsibility Engagement Program