Project We Care Colorado

Teen Suicide

Teen Thinking SuicideTeen suicide is one of the most preventable causes of death (SpeakUp ReachOut), and yet, suicide is now the leading cause of death in teens in Colorado.

It’s messed up.

We shouldn’t be spending our teenage years thinking about death.

Something needs to be done.

I’ve seen mental illness completely destroy my friend’s life and my own; fromComforting Friends

pulling someone off of a bridge to

pleading with others on the phone at 2 am to not kill themselves, to

rocking back and forth on the bathroom floor repeating “I want to die.”

I’ve run out in the middle of class to hug my crying friends and

sat in a corner holding my friend’s hands as they shook and broke down.

I’ve had people tell me I ruined their lives by telling an adult about their mental illnesses, but I’ve also seen the way that eventually their real smiles come back.

Project We Care Colorado

My name is Saphira Klearman, I’m 15, a current sophomore, and the founder and Co-CEO of Project We Care Colorado, a teen suicide initiative.

reach out happinessI’ve always had this drive to do something meaningful, to

prove to myself that I was worth something, that

I could leave knowing that I had made an impact.

When I was suicidal, the only thing keeping me from actually attempting was that I knew I hadn’t done that yet.

But when I started being involved,Get involved

started reaching out and

trying to make a difference,

it helped me forge my way to recovery and to a place where I was actually happy.

I created Project We Care Colorado, a teen-led and teen-driven organization focused on educating and advocating for mental illness,

decreasing stigma, and

making it possible for anyone in need to recover.

We want to do this by making resources more available and affordable to everyone in need.

mini projectsProject We Care Colorado is divided into a few mini projects:

the Panic Button Initiative

We Were Left Behind: A Documentary,

and just generally changing policy.

Mandatory Mental Health Crisis Training

At the moment we’re introducing mandatory mental health crisis training for all school staff throughout the Eagle County School District, and working on a bill with Dylan Roberts and Dafna Michaelson Jenet to integrate mental health training into health classes state-wide. We are also creating an online educational resource that’s essentially a how-to with mental illnesses, based off of the idea that we as teenagers, and everyone for that matter, don’t have the ability or the knowledge on how to handle these types of situations. And a little help is always helpful when it’s your own life or your friend’s in your hands.

We Were Left Behind: A Documentary

Lost in the ShadowsAs of June 2019, we’re going to start production of our documentary, which features the parents and friends of youth who have taken their own lives. We want to show everyone the impact that they have on the people around them, and that their lives matter. Keeping with this theme of sharing stories, Project We Care started and is still currently based off of our Instagram account – wecare_colorado, which is a completely safe place for anyone to share their stories with mental illness. We post these “testimonies” anonymously, in hope that those who feel isolated will start to realize that they’re not suffering alone.

So what can you do? Get in contact with me, either through the project’s email ( or my personal; We’re always looking for more people to be involved, to help as little or as much as you’re able. Every little bit helps.

Remember, even if things seem pointless right now, try to act as if you care, so when you actually do, you haven’t completely gone off track from getting the wonderful life you want and deserve.


healthy foodTake your pills

stay hydrated

eat some food

take good care of yourself

physically, emotionally and mentally.