Teens CAN Make Healthy Decisions. Ask Them How!

Every summer the Garfield County PREP interns tie dye a t-shirt to wear when engaging in their community and representing the PREP program. The shirt is designed to encourage adult-child communication by stating that teens CAN make healthy decisions. Then, we tempt you to ‘ask them how‘.Teens CAN Make Healthy Decisions

Because PREP is a sexuality health education program, the idea of talking to adults; especially ones we don’t know personally, about healthy decisions in relation to topics around sex can be intimidating and down right uncomfortable!

Talking about sex

Of course, that is NOT our goal!!

Besides, we want young people to realize having healthy sexual relations is sooooooo much more than just the physical act of.

So, this summer we asked the interns to share one way in which they; or teens in general, can make healthy decisions. The list of suggestions that they generated was worthy of personal note taking by the other adults in the room.

They are that good!

How many are you already doing?

How many could you add?

Here’s the list in no particular order:

Listen to Others     Listen to Others

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Talk to New People

Get Involved in School Activities

Eat green food   Eat ‘Green’ Food (made green by nature)


Drink Water

Get Involved In Sports

straight out of the closet   Be Comfortable In Your Skin

Be Self Affirming

Give Hugs

Pet Animals

proper condom use   Properly Use Condoms

Youth becoming community involved   Get Involved in Your Community

GIVE with Jenna Bush  Find Something You Love In a Hobby

You see, teens CAN make healthy decisions! and it doesn’t have to be all about sex either!