Introducing Teen Author, Isela Ventura

Maria Isela Ventura

To me, Isela Ventura, happiness is key. My heart has decided for itself that writing is what makes me happy. Set that aside, and you’ll find out that educating satisfies my soul. So here I am.

I want to grow through PREP and I would like for my readers to do the same along my side. I began writing for PREP because I believed that there should be a Christian viewpoint from a Latina that is creating her own culture.

I write what I write because, like in real life, I like walking away from a conversation knowing something new. That’s all I want to do. Give you a place to learn new things. You will also come to find that I am very smiley and giggly and my enemy is judgment.

And lastly, eventually I would like to publish a book but right now we’re just taking baby steps. I hope you enjoy my writing as much as I enjoy knowing you’re reading.