U Moustache for Consent

U Mustache for Consent: I saw this amazing campaign on consent education and promotion and brought it to Bright Future Foundation.

Bright Future Foundation serves all of Eagle County in domestic violence and sexual assault prevention, intervention, and on-going counseling much like the Advocate Safehouse Project in Garfield County. Bright Future Foundation offers a full compliment of professional services that help to break the generational cycle of violence by providing immediate relief to families in need.

Bright Future Foundation

I believe that this initiative will promote consent as the norm for healthy relationships and aligns well with the missions of both Garfield County PREP and the Bright Future Foundation. Bright Future Foundation provided extensive support and guidance for the campaign and helped bring my U Mustache 4 Consent campaign to Eagle County through the schools and other community opportunities!

In an unexpected twist of good timing and good fortune, Bon Iver, a Grammy award-winning musical group, contacted Bright Future Foundation in July of 2019 to ask if the foundation would like to partner with their band with the goal of donating to, working with, and promoting the work of local violence prevention organizations over the course of their tour. Bon Iver, through online auctions, event auctions, and merchandise sales was raising funds that they would then reinvest in the communities that came out to support them and enjoy their music.

On September 2nd, Bon Iver played at the Ford Amphitheater in Vail! Bright Future Foundation invited me to join them at the event, and it was through the generosity of Bon Iver in granting a platform to the foundation that the U Mustache 4 Consent campaign was officially launched. The reactions of the community were staggering.

Bright Future Foundation had a table with information, sign up sheets for volunteers to work with local youth as Buddy Mentors and to sign up to help with the 24/7 crisis hotline, and had printed up U Mustache 4 Consent stickers and posters. Volunteers handed out fake mustaches and opened conversations with all sorts of people. Together, we engaged youth, vendors, locals, visitors, people working with Bon Iver, security, and the police in discussing the importance of consent and how to work together to prevent violence and sexual assault.

There was a hugely positive response, the message resonated with the people, and Bright Future Foundation, Bon Iver, Project We Care Colorado and I collaborated to simultaneously promote consent education, involve youth through positive engagement, and work to expand community empowerment.

Ultimately, together we will bring the U Mustache 4 Consent campaign and educational program to our peers in the schools, to the community, and who knows, far beyond our Eagle County borders. But this is just the beginning.