One of the many things that confuse me about my generation is the way we view people’s sexual lives/sexuality. It’s crazy how we’re so quick to label peers for something that’s personal to every human out there. And as confusing as it is, I’m going to open up about my purity. When I was 12, I was told one of the most important sayings that I hold close to my heart.

mirror image“Your body is a mirror.”




It sounds confusing. I know.  It might even sound vague to you.  So I will tell you my view of purity in hopes that it will help.


A mirror when first made is clean and spotless. (Like your body) It’s hung up so whatever is brought up to it, its job is to reflect. But as the years pass, this mirror’s appearance will be challenged.

purityLet’s imagine that we have a man come up to this mirror with a bucket full of purple paint. He sets down the bucket and examines himself for a few minutes. Then suddenly this man shoves his entire hand into the paint. He then puts his hand against the mirror, leaving behind a hand print.

But then another man behind him comes up and does the same thing but with green paint. And all of a sudden this mirror now has two handprints.

And then another man.

And another handprint with a different color.

And so it goes on.

Now that you’ve heard the story I can say this, the very first man symbolizes losing your virginity. You may be asking, ‘Well, why not just use the flower getting destroyed as an example?’ Or sharing stories about how sex is painful, sinful, disgusting, and should never be talked about.  I’ll be honest with you.

Because I do not want to create a bigger lie than the one that has already been created.

Everybody’s sex preference will be different. Some people will like the many colors on their mirrors. It is not my job to tell you that that looks wrong.

A percentage of the population might like their mirrors the same as when they were first made. With absolutely no hand print. That’s okay too!

To make things even more crazy, others are only going to want one mark. I’m here to say that there is nothing wrong with that either. Whatever your preference, my advice is to make sure you’re happy with your decision.

sexual preferences

This mirror will be the one thing you have to live with.