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The Wonder of the Compliment

Knowing that teaching sexuality education comes with its own inherent ‘issues’ (unlike most all other subjects) teachers, in general, have a deep concern for how well they’re doing. They often wonder if they’re teaching it correctly saying the right things saying the wrong things getting through to students giving all the right answers creating a […]

Creative Freedom

Creativity As a Coping Strategy

When I entered the field of child welfare, I was required to attend long days at core training classes. If we became fidgety, stressed or distracted by our own thoughts, our tables were stocked with pictures to color and toys that could be bent, stretched and twisted enticing us to use creativity as a coping […]

Negative Self Talk

The Unexpected Joys of Art Therapy

Previously, I attended the Colorado Advocacy In Action conference. “Self Care Activities” were offered at the end of the day that included your choice of a Betty Ford Alpine Garden Tour Yoga Healthy Rhythms Drumming or Group Art Therapy. If you didn’t want to choose one of these, they suggested you take a dip in […]

Game On Basketball Camp

Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

Are you looking for holiday gift ideas that will bring the family together this holiday season? Would you like to avoid the Black Friday mentality of materialism and create family traditions that are long lasting and memorable? This past summer, the PREP Summit offered a full day’s training on Media Literacy, and in a few days […]

Trauma Informed Care

Support Youth With Trauma Informed Care

by Diana Andrews, Garfield County PREP Program Manager Often times when people discuss the effects of trauma on our youth, the trauma is thought to be only sexual or violent in nature. While any child who has experienced this kind of trauma needs support and understanding to make sense of their behaviors, so do children […]


In the year I have spent as PREP Program Manager, I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to listen to youth in our valley, and I have learned a LOT. One of the goals of PREP is to engage youth and adults in conversation around sensitive topics like sexuality. […]