Give Them an Inch: Condom Use Instruction

You know the saying, ‘give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile’? Well, give these two PREP interns freedom to create with medically accurate, age appropriate sexual health knowledge, and you get an instructional video on proper condom use!
condom use
While the singing isn’t pitch perfect, the steps to proper condom use are indeed correct. In fact, these young men are so interested in getting it right, they’ve even made sure you know to get consent before anything else!! Plus, they don’t shy away from differing personal preferences and the often left out components of a healthy sexual relationship; pleasure and fun.

condom know howSo, the next time you’re thinking about engaging in a consensual sexual encounter that would require an exterior condom to prevent an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection, watch this educational and entertaining video to reduce your risk of an oops moment.

Still too embarrassed to go to your local drug store to buy condoms? Check out these local resources where you can get condoms for free. Free of cost. Free of judgment.