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With Gratitude the Condom Fairy Hangs Up Her Wings

Comprehensive Sexual Health Education Six years ago I accepted the opportunity to figure out a sustainable solution to the work my predecessor did regarding comprehensive sexual health education in the schools through the Garfield County PREP program. Originally, I had two years to find a workable solution. Luckily, the funding continued to stream from the federal […]

Comprehensive Health Education Outcomes

Garfield County PREP Outcomes Garfield County PREP is responsible for delivering the majority of Colorado PREP programming, with over 90% of the state’s participants currently served in this county. About 10% of Garfield County PREP participants report that they are currently sexually active – and the proportion of sexually active youth increases nearly 3-fold between […]

Trauma and PTSD in Teens

Thanks to Doug Briscoe of Mentally Fit for emailing Garfield County PREP and providing this list of valuable resources, articles and information about trauma and PTSD in teens and veterans. Additionally, you will find information on identifying symptoms, understanding triggers and finding alternative ideas for coping and treatment. From Doug: I appreciate all of the […]

Introducing Teen Author Saphira Klearman

My name is Saphira Klearman, and I’m currently a sophomore at Battle Mountain High School. I’m an award-winning student journalist with a passion for change. I’m a feminist, and I like angsty punk music. I run a statewide mental health organization, write weird poetry, and am graduating high school a year early. Remember that you’re […]

Introducing Teen Author, Isela Ventura

To me, Isela Ventura, happiness is key. My heart has decided for itself that writing is what makes me happy. Set that aside, and you’ll find out that educating satisfies my soul. So here I am. I want to grow through PREP and I would like for my readers to do the same along my […]

Teen Truths Becomes a Reality

Introducing Teen Truths’ Youth Authors Have you ever wanted to get inside the thoughts of a teenager and hear the raw, uncensored truths of their teen world? Yes? No? Certainly, there was a time when I wanted little to do with teenagers; there’s a reason I was an elementary teacher, no? So, call me crazy […]

Labeling Students by Maria Isela Ventura

In this generation, it’s not just easy to judge anymore. Yet, labeling students has become routine. We believe that because someone has a history or comes from a different culture that we will view certain things differently. In very few cases, it’s true. But not always. Being a teenager in a high school, I can […]

Teens CAN Make Healthy Decisions. Ask Them How!

Every summer the Garfield County PREP interns tie dye a t-shirt to wear when engaging in their community and representing the PREP program. The shirt is designed to encourage adult-child communication by stating that teens CAN make healthy decisions. Then, we tempt you to ‘ask them how‘. Because PREP is a sexuality health education program, […]

Life Changing Decisions

Life Changing Decisions Hello, my name is Sami.  This is my true teen pregnancy story about when I got pregnant. I was 15 at the time.  I had only been with the guy for about 2 months. I didn’t really know anything about sex.  I didn’t even bother and make sure to use a condom. […]

A Teen’s Perspective On Today’s Issues

A Teen’s Perspective on Today’s Social Issues Maria Esquivel is a current senior at Basalt High School who has chosen to interpret a teen’s perspective on social issues through art as her capstone project. She has created a series of political cartoons in various mediums inspired by a few of many problems in today’s society […]