The workshop design increases participant’s comfort level in answering difficult questions and providing accurate information. Using a multi-generational approach to sexual health education ensures young people are receiving the education necessary to make informed decisions about their sexual health. Communities and families are supported with guidance on how to approach these sensitive topics with young people.

Normalizing conversation about sexuality increases comfort and creates supportive environments for young people as they navigate their sexual values and decision-making processes. Helping adults, primarily youth-serving professionals, feel comfortable and confident talking to young people about sensitive topics in order to build healthier communities is a goal we can all be a part of achieving.

Participants in this two-hour workshop will develop skills and knowledge around:

  • myths and facts about puberty and sexuality
  • state laws
  • policies
  • sexual health related statistics within Colorado

Participants will gain strategies and tips for approaching challenging questions about:

  • puberty
  • sex
  • drugs & alcohol
  • relationships
  • advocating for the LBGTQ youth


“I found that the training was very well structured and allowed for all types of learning styles. I appreciated that the training was interactive and provided very important information that I did
not know.”

“The facilitators were great! The training was very interactive and enjoyable. I loved that there was discussion around inclusivity for LGBTQ youth, because they are so often left out of these

“The facilitators made sexual health a comfortable topic to discuss. No question was too weird.”

In addition, the Beyond the Birds and the Bees workshop provides a great space to meet others in your community, share experiences and collaborate in developing a network of trusted adults.

Beyond the Birds and the Bees has been implemented in a wide variety of settings. It can be offered as a staff training, parent workshop and even delivered to high school teens as they become the trusted adults for the younger generations.

If you have a group of adults who would like this training on the Western Slope, contact Garfield County PREP

Not on the Western Slope? Receive sexual health education or apply for a Colorado Sexual Health Initiative mini grant to arrange a training in your neck of the woods.