The Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) offers an age-appropriate, evidence based, comprehensive sexual health education program for teens that meet the requirements of Colorado's Healthy Youth Act. and Colorado Department of Education comprehensive health standards.   PREP intends to decrease teen pregnancy in Garfield County by 2%.
Are you an adult who works with youth? Are you a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, adult friend, co-worker or neighbor of a young person that you care a lot about? Do you hear conversations that you want to interject, but you don't know how? Do you ever ask yourself (about youth behavior, questions, etc) 'Is this normal?' Is a youth asking you, 'Is this normal?' and you don't know the answer? PREP can offer adult and/or staff trainings to fit your needs, questions, or concerns. Contact us at to arrange a class today.

10% of all births in Garfield County since 2005 were to teen parents.
58% of 12th graders in Colorado have had sexual intercourse.
39% of people with HIV are between the 
ages of 13-29.
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Diana Andrews
Garfield County PREP Program Manager
PO Box 1845
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602
phone 970-319-2182
fax 970-928-8328
What is PREP?
The Garfield County Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coalition pursued the Personal Responsibility Education Program grant funds due to the high number of teen pregnancies in our county and the belief that education for all students could decrease these numbers. The grant was awarded to Garfield County Department of Human Services who has remained the fiscal agent while contracting with Family Visitor Programs to implement the program. Garfield County PREP is a collaboration of schools, community based organizations and agencies, government departments, concerned citizens and teens working to provide prevention education and resources to parents and teens on healthy sexual development, healthy relationships, and sexual health issues. We intend to decrease the teen birth rate by 2%. Federal grant dollars are available through 2017.  
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Educating youth, empowering parents, and supporting schools.

"Garfield really deserves to be commended on their consistently strong performance over the past few years. They've expanded drastically, brought on many new facilitators, had turnover, and still manage to have consistent and very, very strong outcome data." Primetime Research & Evaluation