Health Standard Requirements

In Colorado, if school districts decide to adopt the health standard, then they are mandated to meet certain requirements. The curriculum they choose needs to be

  • research-based
  • age appropriate
  • medically accurate
  • culturally sensitive

Additionally, content must include information on all of the following:

  • abstinence as the only 100% way to avoid unplanned pregnancy or STI’s
  • all birth control methods to include emergency contraception and abortion
  • proper condom use

PREP Curricula in Garfield County School Districts

In Garfield County, under the specifications of the Personal Responsibility Education Program, three evidence-based curriculums are being presented in the middle and high schools from Basalt to Rifle that meet these curricula requirements.

Garfield County PREP supports teachers and staff in the implementation of Draw the Line/Respect the Line (DTL), Be Proud! Be Responsible! (BPBR) and Street Smart to students age 10 – 19 in area schools.