Pregnancy Prevention Resources in the Roaring Fork Valley

In our quest to find the answers to our questions, the ‘just Google it’ approach often times makes it hard to tell the difference between what’s made up, fact and myth. Whether you’re teens looking for a teen perspective or adults trying to be that trusted and askable adult, the following online pregnancy and STD prevention resources are sure to have the answers you’re looking for.

PREP, along with its many local, regional and national partners, wants to help steer you in the direction of finding reputable and medically accurate answers to any and all questions a young person (and adults for that matter) may have regarding sex, sexuality and relationships. Navigating conversations around these topics is awkward and embarrassing enough for both teens and parents alike.

Use the websites below as a way to ease into fact finding together. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, to admit you don’t know the answer and revel in the opportunity to share a few laughs as you explore information.

With the advent of the World-Wide-Web, online pregnancy prevention resources and questionable information are not in short supply. Combine that with eight very different communities; each with their own service providers, values and resources, spread from Parachute to Aspen, and figuring out what resources or websites are medically accurate, age-appropriate and factual becomes a daunting task. Here you will find resources for parents, adults, educators and youth aimed at helping our county reduce teen pregnancy and STD rates.


Online Pregnancy & STD Prevention Resources

  • – Have a question you have been dying to know? Check StayTeen. Ask them anything. Also play games, learn about birth control, and watch awesome videos.
  • – Help you talk about and take action on some of life’s biggest decisions related to birth control, STI’s, pregnancy and sexuality. Help figure out all the different birth control methods with the “birth control method selector” Everything you need to know about STD’s and how to talk to your partner.
  • – website created by teens for teens. Blogs about issues that are important to teens. Check out their Tumbler page for answering those uncomfortable questions. Sexual health terms with definitions. Play the condom game and test your knowledge on condom steps
  • – Everyone deserves a health relationship! Learn what an unhealthy or abusive relationship looks like and where to get support. Information about legal rights along with quizzes on your type of relationship. For adults and teens!
  • – Support, information and resources for young people who have questions or concerns about dating and relationships. 24/7 Support chart along with texting and call. Multiple quizzes on relationships. Check out “Relationships 101” for information on dating basics, healthy relationships and different types of abuse.
  • – National Child Abuse hotline and information site. Helps victims of childhood abuse through education, treatment and prevention programs.
  • – Help young people make informed and responsible decisions on their reproductive and sexual health. Resources for youth, parents, educators and professionals. Free 3r’s sexual health curriculum for K-12 that meets national sexuality education standards.
  • – Responsible behavior, responsible policy. Information on national statistics on pregnancy and STI rates along, policy’s by state and national resources.
  • – Trusted resource for parents, teens and kids. Physician reviewed information and advice on health and parenting information. Wide range of health topics from sexual health, diet, drugs and alcohol and mental health. Fun interactive quizzes, slide shows and videos.
  • – Sex education for the real world. Inclusive, comprehensive, supportive sexuality and relationship advice and information for teens and emerging adults. Progressive information on all topics from sex, sexuality, relationships and other health topics.