Every year in early June the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association, in conjunction with Hagerty Car Insurance, hosts the annual Hagerty Car Rally held at Two Rivers Park in Glenwood Springs. Hagerty Insurance sponsors the rally as the pre-eminent provider of insurance for classic car owners at an affordable price. This event kicks off Garfield County PREP’s summer intern community engagement initiative as we recruit returning teens to act as the youth judges for the event.

What does youth judging at a car rally have to do with pregnancy prevention, you might ask.

It serves as an opportunity for youth to become more comfortable talking and communicating with adults and to introduce them to adults who are very passionate about their cars. After all, if teens can’t engage in a simple conversation about cars, how likely are they going to engage the trusted adults in their lives in conversations about awkward and uncomfortable topics such as sexuality?!

Owners, who agree to be interviewed by the youth judging panel, are preselected by the coordinator. Youth are encouraged to interact with the owners and ask lots of questions. They use these questions to guide the completion of a simplified score card that highlights five basic categories and is rated on a scale of 1-to-5 to determine First, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

This program allows teens the opportunity to learn details about different classic car makes, their history, fun facts about speed and design, as well as collector preferences such as who insists on authentic vs reproduced parts, who believes the cars should be driven and who thinks they should only be viewed as works of art, etc.

Basically, drivers treat these cars like their babies.

They nurture, care for, attend to and work hard to protect their investment.

They have spent years and thousands upon thousands of dollars channeling their passion to keep their eye on the prize. All good reasons why it’s important to have goals and make healthy, smart choices and decisions especially when deciding to be sexually active. The consequences of not carefully planning and taking the proper precautions could easily derail your future dreams.

The car rally is a prime example of an event that has the potential of lighting sparks in youth for future hobbies or careers. They hear how one driver may be able to afford a car valued at over $90,000 because he has the skills necessary to be able to do all the work himself. Thus ensues a discussion with one female intern on welding as a potential career path.

They hear about the commitment, hard work, tough decisions and time that goes in to having and maintaining a classic car. This annual event does a fantastic job at bringing the world of classic cars to a kid friendly level.

In the end, joy radiates from the car owners at the prospect that their passions will be carried on by the younger generations. Many eagerly let interns sit in their cars to experience different design concepts, how technology has progressed over the ages and what a different ‘feel’ these cars have over the modern cars of today. They beam with pride as the youth judges present them with their awards. And while, we always encourage youth to ask anything they want to know, the answer to ‘can I drive it’ remains a solid ‘not this year.’ Just another reason to return again next year!

Youth Judging Shirts

I wanted to thank you so much for participating in our Hagerty Youth Judging at the Glenwood Rallye this year. We really appreciate you taking the effort to bring your group to the car show. I also wanted to compliment the students on how respectful and engaged they were with the car owners. We received so many compliments about your judges.

We plan to do it again next year and hope to see you all again!

Sara BainOffice and Events Coordinator | Hagerty